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Report on police shooting of VonDerrit Myers to reach St. Louis prosecutors next week

2014-10-31 00:20:00
The investigation of the fatal police shooting of Kajieme Powell will take longer, Police Chief Sam Dotson said Thursday. Read Full Story ...

Investors flee Arch debt, driving down its bond prices

2014-10-31 00:15:00
Some Arch bonds are worth less than 50 cents on the dollar. Read Full Story ...

McClellan: Waiting for "Ebola, the Movie"

2014-10-31 00:15:00
In unwritten script, guess who becomes the hero? Read Full Story ...

Brooklyn voters to consider closing their only high school

2014-10-31 00:15:00
Students at Lovejoy Technology Academy would go to East St. Louis High School. Read Full Story ...

Illinois schools continue to struggle with harder tests

2014-10-31 00:10:00
Metro East districts are among those gearing up to take the new test online this spring. Read Full Story ...

Illinois schools report has host of new features

2014-10-31 00:01:00

The yearly report card on Illinois schools released Friday contains a host of new features and benchmarks, including one showing more than 70 percent of recent graduates enrolled in college…

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